Units Wishlist

Each unit would have various available upgrades to weapons and armor that would modify their combat roles as well as multiple autocasted abilities.

(note: this is a quick sketch of how I would love to see the units/tiers organized, names and abilities can be swapped around and changed)

Tier 1
Covenant- Grunt Squad (light cheap infantry with plasma pistols and grenades, can upgrade to needlers or fuel rods and various armor upgrades)
UNSC- Marine Squad (light infantry with battle rifles and frag grenades, can be armed with assault rifles, rocket launchers, and various support gear)
Flood- Polyp Swarm (A large swarm of flood infection forms, suicide unit that can also be used to heal other forms or turn slain enemy units into combat forms)

Tier 2
Covenant- Jackal Team (light mobile infantry with carbines, can be upgraded with sniper rifles or shield gauntlets and receive skirmisher armor)
UNSC- Assault Engineer Team (support infantry with shotguns, can build cover emplacements and heavy weapon turrets and be upgraded with flamethrowers and cyclops armor)
Flood- Stalker Form (stealth assassin, close combat highly mobile flood form with leap attack. low health.)

Tier 3
Covenant- Elite/Brute Pack (advanced short and mid ranged infantry, can be upgraded with advanced armors and mobility upgrades as well as heavy weapons)
UNSC- ODST trooper Squad (advanced mobile infantry equipped with short and long ranged weapons, various armor and jetpack upgrades)
Flood- Ranged Form (Mobile ranged flood form, high anti infantry damage output high mobility)

Tier 4
Covenant- Hunters (heavy armored elite infantry, heavy anti vehicle weapon high armor high health low mobility)
UNSC- Spartan (elite heavy infantry, high mobility, anti vehicle abilities, advanced weaponry, very long training time)
Flood- Tank Form (armored charging infantry, regenerates health, emits flood spores)

Tier 1
Covenant- Ghost/Chopper (fast anti infantry scout vehicle, limited upgrades)
UNSC- Warthog (fast scout vehicle, various armament upgrades)
Flood- Stealth Form (fast scout form, low damage difficult to detect)

Tier 2
Covenant- Wraith Tank (medium mortar platform, can be upgraded with anti air flak weapons and armor upgrades)
UNSC- Mantis walker (medium mobile rocket platform, can be upgraded with various weapons, limited armor)
Flood- Infector Form (medium infection form spawning flood unit)

Tier 3
Covenant- Locust Walker (laser artillery platform, various armor upgrades)
UNSC- Scorpion Tank (armored tank, various armament upgrades)
Flood- Juggernaut Form (large deadly flood form, high damage close combat attacks)

Tier 4
Covenant- Scarab Walker (super heavy mobile weapons platform, various armament upgrades)
UNSC- Elephant/Mammoth Heavy Support (heavy mobile base, various support weapon upgrades including long range missiles)
Flood- Devourer Form (large slow high health flood form, grabs units and pulls them, produces spores and combat forms)

Tier 1
Covenant- Banshee (fast anti armor fight/gunship)
UNSC- Hornet/Hawk (light interceptor/gunship)
Flood- Swarm Flyer (light interceptor/gunship

Tier 2
Covenant- Specter Heavy Gunship (troop transport/gunship)
UNSC- Vulture Gunship (troop transport/gunship)
Flood- Abductor Form (troop transport/gunship)

Tier 3
Covenant- Vampire Fighter (air superiority fighter)
UNSC- Shortsword Bomber (long range fighter/bomber)
Flood- Bomber Form (slow spore pod bomber)

Tier 4
Covenant- Lich Heavy Support (super heavy group support)
UNSC- Vulture Heavy Gunship (ground bombardment and missile support gunship)
Flood- Greater Polyp Form (high health fast air superiority flood form)

Tier 1
Covenant- SDV Heavy Corvette (anti air fast attack ship)
UNSC- Fast Attack Corvette (anti air fast attack ship)
Flood- Flood Spore (cheap orbital suicide unit)

Tier 2
Covenant- CAR Frigate (fast light armored support craft)
UNSC- Stalwart Light Frigate (fast light armored support craft)
Flood- Flood Meteor (fast light armored support craft)

Tier 3
Covenant- CPV Destroyer (heavy armored orbital combat ship)
UNSC- Halberd Destroyer (heavy armored orbital combat ship)
Flood- Flood Asteroid (heavy armored orbital combat ship)

Tier 4
Covenant- CCS Cruiser (heavy support bombardment ship)
UNSC- Haclyon Cruiser (heavy support bombardment ship)
Flood- Flood Mass (heavy support bombardment ship)

infantry and haclyon ships at the same time?

hard to balance but it sounds good

I’d like to see different sub-factions in each of these.Perhaps for humans, you have like UNSC,ONI(Maybe), Rebels. For Covenant you have Normals Covenant, Sangheili, and Brutes. Maybe not these exactly but it’d definitely change up gameplay if the different factions had different variants of units.

It’d be cool to have 2 variations of a unit - AKA two research paths that change what a unit does (you can only pick one). For example the engineer (unsc as you suggested) could go for support and build turrets/barricades. Or could Gain Goliath armor and flamethrowers.

> 2533274921373075;2:
> infantry and haclyon ships at the same time?
> hard to balance but it sounds good

if we had much larger maps I would love to start with a (very upgrade-able) colony ship that acts as a main base (spirit of fire for UNSC) the object of the game in multiplayer would be to kill your opponent’s colony ship (or kill everything could be enabled in options)

you would get resources from fixed locations on the map by building mines and send them to the colony ship via supply pads. you could also build production facilities on planet to expand production when you have maxed the production cap on your colony ship.

in the late game you could build smaller space navy units and call in cruisers as ‘support bases’ to help in your fight.

building ground and air units from orbit would give you the benefit of long range deployment (as seen extensively in the halo universe) and ODST style infantry drops.

you could also balance things out by have anti orbital ground defenses be relatively cheap and powerful so that you cant just orbital rush someone’s base and make ground obsolete.

> 2533274944621319;4:
> It’d be cool to have 2 variations of a unit - AKA two research paths that change what a unit does (you can only pick one). For example the engineer (unsc as you suggested) could go for support and build turrets/barricades. Or could Gain Goliath armor and flamethrowers.

I would like to see each squad/unit be individually up-gradable.

unit production structures would also be individually upgraded.

each barracks for example could be upgraded 3 times unlocking each new tier for production (tier 4 being very expensive)

It would be cool if unit upgrades were also only able to be done in the radius of a special building (infantry armory, engineering bay, retrofit hanger) that can also be upgraded individually.

this would mean in the early game you could either invest in upgrading you production facilities to get high tier units with basic gear or you could invest in upgrade facilities to get you basic units some good upgrades.

…I have clearly thought about this far too much.