Units That Are Under preforming (Unsc)


  • Cyclopes - They aren’t that horrible at there job but they are under utilized. What they could use is either a damage increase, a health increase or a small energy cost reduction one of the above changes would make them much more useful. Vehicles

  • Jackrabbit - The problem with Jackrabbits is there cost compared to the utility that they provide. 450 power for their upgrade and additional energy per jackrabbit, the current early game is all about hitting tech 2 and these steep costs associated with them and the lack of control that they give you hardly makes them worth their cost. I suggest increased damage versus buildings right now they are at about a right level in their interactions with other units but currently they aren’t a threat. Giving them increased building damage at least makes it more necessary for a player to respond against them - Warthog - The Warthog is not a terrible unit but after the huge damage increase air received against tier 2 vehicles and the ability for infantry to compete versus core vehicles makes them a tough sell and hard to invest into. A player that goes air is able to compete with the speed and is able to heal, or infantry can be supported by Nightingales while not too horrendously. I suggest Increasing damage versus all infantry types that are not anti-vehicle by 5-10% that way their role is a little bit more defined and production of counter units would be increasingly necessary. They are too soft a counter to be a viable option. - Kodiak - Kodiaks are a unit that costs 6 population, 525 supply and have a long build time. It is also tough difficult to properly utilize them outside of being set up outside your own base. The actually problem I find with them trying to use them aggressively is that they are unresponsive and they will struggle to set up when they are told too. Kodiaks need one of two things to be more responsive when told to deploy (no more going in circles trying to set up) or have their speed increased to let them get into position quicker. Aircraft

  • Vulture - Outside their “y” ability (which is amazing, but you need 4-5 vultures before they actually get good) Vultures are an absolutely terrible unit, even at level 3 air upgrades you’ll find them taking an extremely long time to dish out any damage and they will be eaten alive by whatever is on the field. The Phoenix missile needs damage increased drop off damage to it’s aoe, but in return a 20% increase in health another 5% damage buff to ground and air. The Vulture should be a flying tank, but right now it feels more like a flying glass cannon. It’s useful once you can nuke an army with 5-9 but if you have only 1-3 they are going to do nothing for your army that wouldn’t be done better by putting that money and supply elsewhere.

I can agree with everything except Kodiaks. They may take a bit to set up but the shell everything to pieces.

Don’t like the idea of Kodiaks moving faster, but I agree with everything else.


Kodiaks are monsters. Everything else is cool.

Marines need their launch grenade throw back.

I know I’m just echoing everyone else here, but I agree with all but Kodiaks.

I think the game is better when they’re bad anyway, not that I think they’re bad.

Same here , agree with everything but Kodiaks and it wouldnt be the end if Warthog stay the same.
The Vulture is the most crappy Unit of all. High Pop High cost, no dmg (except y) , bad health and poor micro ability. I would like them to be what they should be, heavy flying T3 Tanks which deal loads of dmg and can whistand even more.
They should stay slow and expensive, but should do better vs everything. Give them splash vs mass air to make them a viable late game anti air vs massed units like banshes or hornets.
Or give them a 20 % dmg increase vs vehicle and buildings.


I don’t think we need a hog buff YET. But I am ready to see a buff to cyclops, rabbits, and vulture main guns.

How about DLC units? Mantis, Mastodons, Ravens, Icebringers

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> How about DLC units? Mantis, Mastodons, Ravens, Icebringers

Mantis I find are pretty good, ice bringers are pretty good at freezing, just not amazing outside the early game.
Mastodons are actually really powerful and frostravens are weak early but oppressively strong late.

I agree with everything but the Kodiaks. Kodiaks ruin anything ground based within a massive radius (los permitting), without hesitation or mercy and the shellstorm from a few of them is ridiculous. Vultures are beyond bad though and Cyclops…they need something, compared to Hunters they are made of cardboard and shoot nerf darts.

> 2533274807562680;9:
> How about DLC units? Mantis, Mastodons, Ravens, Icebringers

I think the only one I’m really hesitant with building are cryotroopers. They just don’t bring the power that hellbringers do. I get that they are supposed to work with the freeze mechanic, but they just don’t have the utility that other t1 rush units have

JRs need a more generous buff against rush units than they got in the last patch. However I would hate for a building damage buff to bring the dark days of the JR rush back.

Support everything else. Kodiaks perhaps reduce cost to 500 sup and reduce build time slightly. I would not touch speed, as artillery units they are kinda supposed to be slow to set up …

I would actually like to see an even more generous damage buff for vultures than you propose, I think they need it to be the air equivalent of tanks which are now very strong!

Jackrabbits are not supposed to be building destroyers. I think they are quite fine as they are (maybe certain buffs against certain infantries but that’s it). With some leader powers you can strip bases with jackrabbits masses and delay the enemy race to tech 2. Maybe a decreased energy cost for support drones would be nice

Faster Siege Mode in kodiak would be much appreciated. But if you buff them too much, Anders and Serina are a hell to deal with.

As for warthogs, I think if they tone down marines they would be in a better spot

I miss scorpions on the list. I think they should be the semi-vultures of the ground, so I find their Y ability against buildings a little underperforming.