Units getting stuck since launch (PC)

This is a really frustrating bug, almost game breaking.

When you create units sometimes they’re just not controllable. You can select them but they don’t respond to any commands, you can’t move them or do anything. This used to be really obvious and happen all the time in Blitz, but now its every other game, maybe once a game.

It’s super annoying, because you can’t get rid of units. So if you create a unit that’s taking up population, you’re stuck with minus pop for the rest of the game. That means you can’t do things like spawning 3 Scarabs, which I love doing.

And I know spawning 3 Scarabs probably isn’t the best tactic, but I play versus AI for dailies and stuff…

Anyway, the point is this shouldn’t be a thing in any RTS. The last RTS I played which had this issue was Dawn of War 1, where your units would get physically stuck if you built your bases too close to each other, and there wasn’t enough room for something like a super unit to get out. They never had a suicide unit button back then, so you couldn’t do anything about it other than hope that your enemy destroys a pathway for your unit to get free. This is even worse, because they’re not even physically blocked…it’s just buggy.

Do the devs know about this? Whenever I search for units stuck I see reports for units getting stuck in buildings, or that AI shipmaster teleport out side of map bug (which is still a thing, it happened yesterday). Any chance of a fix?