Units falling out the map

Anyone else having this problem?

When ramming?

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> When ramming?

So far teleportinfg and hijacking when the vehicle is destroyed

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> > 2533274821521504;2:
> > When ramming?
> So far teleportinfg and hijacking when the vehicle is destroyed

omg :laughing:

Had one of my Condors glitched into the grey area on a map for no obvious reason.

I had this issue tonight playing a vs. AI game. The ai teleported half my army away from the fight and they ended up off the map. I could still select with all units and cycle to them with the Dpad. I was not able to move them and they still counted against my army population. It’s a good thing I had some good teammates tonight covering for me and my half strength army. :slight_smile:

Cyclops walked under the map… They were able to kill everything without getting attacked
…seriously need a Patch

So the patch came out, and ended up making MORE gamebreaking bugs.

Shipmaster can now teleport units to inaccessible parts of the map, where you can no longer get them back.

Units sink into the ground. (Ive seen this too).

Units will do NO damage to a base unless you re-direct them, then try again.

343, please stop. You have just lost another player. I would get a refund if i could, and you can guarantee i will never buy another Halo product as long as it is made by you guys.

I wanted to come try to be a part of the community, and show others that Halo ISN’T dead, and that the community IS good, and that 343 TAKES CARE of their games, but i can NOT honestly say that. The forums are poorly moderated, and the game is poorly tested for quality.

I’m gone. I encourage others who are on-the-fence about this to ALSO leave, because there is sufficient evidence to say that things will never get better. just open your eyes.

(Units doing no damage to bases? If that isn’t a sign of a piss-poor developer, i dont know what is. ONE PERSON doing Quality Assurance would have figured that out, But the entire team didnt find it? I dont wanna hear the excuse: “Patching games is hard. Sometimes glitches happen that cant be detected before-hand.” Then how about you dont ship your game until the BASIC FUNCTIONS are working? )

have this too on a campagne map

Have the same.
It is not possible to play a local game with this bug.

@MS when it is fixed