United States Military based clan?

To whoever may be interested,

I am interested in starting a large military based clan. Using ( Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and coast guard) I really don’t know where to start or how to start but if your interested leave some feed back.

I was thinking of having we could have a rank structure, differ ant units within branches. Maybe have meetings for higher commanders and they could pass information down through there ranks. Have specific jobs for people.

Idk I’m new to it all, a buddy of mine brought it up and I thought it would be pretty cool. I figured someone would see this on here


This belongs in the Recruiting Section.

Wrong section and another thing, you really cant have a air force because there’s only the banshee and the navy probably wont either. Oh and the coast guard too.

I’m down. U.S AF add me eventually

I can help set you up but, I’m not going to join your clan.

Actual USA combat veterans, laugh at this.

Ignore the down talkers here. Try this http://www.blackwaterops.net/