United Interstellar Command

We are the United Interstellar Command or you can call us UIC for short. We are a military style clan, but we aren’t just human we welcome those who are loyal to the Brutes and Elites as well. We do trainings usually on the weekends but we’re going to start doing them during the week as well, we are also looking for allies and for right now we have no enemies. We follow the old clan rules about war though, we don’t do ROE during raids only in skirmishes, so if you decide to do a surprise raid on us don’t get mad because someone used a phaeton during the raid. Yes surprise raid count during our wars but remember we don’t follow the ROE in a raid.

We use to be the Originals but since that name has been carried since CE/2 we decided it was time to let the name go and let the entire clan rest (2001-2016), all rules that went on in the Originals however have been carried on to the UIC though. The name UIC comes from a group/government from a book that I have been writing, has nothing to do with the Halo Universe, that is really the only background for the name I can give, except in the book instead of Interstellar it’s International but since this clan isn’t all over the world and takes place in space technically I have changed it to Interstellar.

Requirements to join:

  • Need a headset, if you are working on getting one you can still join - Be mature - Must be 13 years or older to join - Try to be active inside the clanRules:

  • No t-bagging, it’s allowed during game-nights, and when we are in Arena or Warzone - Be committed to the clan, that means recruit, come to trainings, and overall be active - Respect all members inside the clan as well as our allies and enemies - When someone is talking mute your mic so we can all listen to what that person is saying - Don’t be or cause a distraction.We have three main branches Air Force, Marines, and Navy. Then we have another branch called Project R, this branch is lead by the clan leader only unlike the three main branches lead by our Directors. Each branch includes classes everyone must be in one of them, some require certain armor, you can switch from branches anytime just message the Clan Leader saying which one and which class. Here are the classes
    Air Force:

  • Scouts (requires scout armor/helmet) - Military Police (no requirements) - Pilots (no requirements)Marines:

  • Shadow Troopers (requires the helmet Reaper, armor Hellcat, and visor Flood) - Sentinel (Officer Class, no requirements) - Breach/Clear (no requirements)Navy:

  • ODST’s (requires Helljumper or Nightfall, Air Assault or Recruit can be used if you don’t have the armor) - Recon (requires Recon helmet and armor) - Agents (Officer class, no requirements) - Spartans (IV has no requirements, III requires all Reach armor, II requires all Mark armor)Project R:

  • Ricochets I, II, III, IV, Possibly V (TBD)Message who to join:

  • CustomBLANK (Overseer) - gcman45 (Navy Director) - cool street kid (Air Force Director) - Striketeam 111 (Marines Director) - SpecOpsCMMDR (Clan Leader)Note:
    *As soon as you’re recruited send a request to join our company, we currently have 42 members, 17 in the company.*UIC