United Halo Republic Recruiting Thread

Hello to everyone within the community!

Established in the early 21st century, the United Halo Republic, colloquially known as UHR, was established to form a centralized governing body to unify both defense and state affairs of colonial bodies throughout the community. After some time, the colonial bodies which followed UHR were unified under one banner with a unified military and political structure. UHRs’ military is split between fleet and ground operations, the fore mentioned being NAVCOM and the latter UNICOM; both governed by the highest ranking members of the Republic known as High Command or HIGHCOM for short. At the heart of the Republics military lies massive battle harden vessels of the air and sea staffed with the dedicated members of both Fleet and Marines. Most notable within the Republic are the branches special forces which include Force Recon, Rangers, and ODSTs.

The unified banner of the Republic continues to grow both politically and militarily with only one question to be asked of its’ citizens…Do you have what it takes to serve the Republic?

Contact UHR Thorin for more information. I look forward to hearing from you all !

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