United Federation Gaming recruiting for Halo 5!

UFG is a Social Gaming Community, we play Custom Games, Arena and Warzone on a daily basis. We have Forge Teams for Forgers to join if interested. We got a website: unitedfederationgaming.weebly.com. the website is a temporary one till the end of the Summer when our own Customized one is built from scratch. UFG has many positions open, if you have over a Month of Clan Experience (Leadership, Officer, etc) you may speak with me about what you experienced and i will offer you positions you are suited for. All newcomers are welcome too. We have a strict policy against bullying, we do joke around alot but serious bullying is taken as a Heavy Punishment offense and we pride in our fun and friendly environments. UFG has a few requirements to join, must be 13 or older with a mic and speak basic english. As a Social Clan we are currently also working with Military Clans as part of a coalition and making deals with others. We are part of the Sector Nine Federation which has Epsilon Fleet an a few others i can remember off the top of my head currently. UFG has made deals with other non Sector Nine Military Clans to accept any of their current or former members looking for a more fun environment to come join UFG, vise versa if someone in UFG wants to join a Military Clan i can offer them to join the Military Clans we made a deal with (so far we just got 1 Military Clan to agree, Blood Angels is a maybe, Sanguinius is thinking about it) i would like to make this same deal with as many Military Clans as possible to retain clan members as in if someone from Military Clan leaves that military clan for being too harsh or strict and wants to have fun instead they often leave and never bother with any Clan ever again. UFG has a new goal of retaining as much Clan People as possible in the entire Community (yes i call them Clan people, people who are involved with clans) so i would like this initiative to get off and save people from swearing off clans for good and give them options of having other clans that might fit what they need, As a Community we need to work together, ALL CLANS should eventually get in with this, i call it the SAVIOR Project. (i know its a weird name but we are saving Clan people from leaving) any Clan no matter what you are running as (Military, Social, Competitive, Roleplay, Mercenary, Freelancer Group, Intelligence and Black Ops) i invite YOU to join in on this project by commenting below or messaging me on Xbox live about this. UFG is currently at 24 members across Halo 5 And Black Ops 3.