To be straight forward: There are so many weird opinions when you look for where to get and how to activate etc individual skins for the units that I would like to ask the community itself:

  1. Do individual skins exist? How do you activate them in HW2?
  2. How were they released?
  3. Will more skins be published in the future?

I have the ultimate edition and cant find these options anywhere…

In game settings you can turn on the alt. Unit Skins or use default doesnt look like there’s any way to individualy select skins

How? I’ve redeemed my twitter code and I’ve NEVER seen the option appear.

Why are Skins only available if you have entered some code which has been distributed via Twitter? I have never seen this action.

I cant activate the option in the menus of HW2.

It would be great if the Team behind HW2 would rethink the Skin issue completely. Just bring for example a huge amount of Skins and let the people select if they want to use them or not.