Unit Management

So me and a friend tried the Blitz Firefight mode and loved it but the only problem I had, and this is an annoyance I have in standard multiplayer too…
Managing units. Not just telling them where to go and when to use their secondary ability.

If you’ve played C&C then you’ll know you can tell a unit to do things like:

  • Attack on sight - Defend a area - Do not attack - Attack but do not followThings like that. In blitz, I had to keep track on my grizzly’s and Forge Warthogs because as soon as they saw an enemy they would follow them and come out of the nightingales view over and over again. Annoying and I think it would add a lot more strategic options in overall multiplayer.

The advanced controls (holding RT) could definitely be expanded to include the face buttons, something like:

RT + X attack move
RT + B hold position