Unique Voice AI for your spartan

Having Unique Halo voice Ai’s for your spartan. Being able to maybe put in your own lines as well as buying voice packs. Like having a Rick and Morty pack and also having maybe like a Samuel L Jackson voice over. Or Morgan Freeman. Or T pain. You could go crazy with this and every season add a whole bunch of Youtube Personalities or different competitive video game teams and their voices every season. That way theirs plenty of variety

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Junior Slater

The only AI voice packs I can see are those of Halo characters (who wouldn’t want Tim Dadabo’s voice in multiplayer?) and other Microsoft owned IP’s.

Or Chips Dubbo. Also, people from other games they own. They did it good in reach for fire fight or just normal games. Halo 5 did it super bad tho with having to pay money like 50 dollars or so to just change the warzone thing. Would be cool to have some RVB people like how spartan ops did. Just let me have a grunt high on methane as a voice. Or the weapon, and MC of corse, Johnson and arby, also shipmaster. Would be cool if they did an OG elite like him saying wort wort wort or idk so many to put in.