Unique ideas for future games.

Post down below what you think would be an interestingly new mechanic that adds depth and changes up the game and make it more unique!

I would say mine would be space battles. Invasion could come back and be twice as awesome as awesome. It would be 6v6 with instant respawn since you have to find and get in a ship. There should also be different types of ships too, all with strengths and weaknesses to balance them all out. Both sides would start with the same ships. Elites could also come back and we would have elite space battles with covenant ships.

Heavy-Battles game type and or entire game.

Basically you fight 1v1 in first-person and you operate a battle-mech like a mantis but on steroids, If you’ve seen Halo: Legends there is a story called Prototype, If you’ve seen it you know. Go to the Halopedia and look up HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Prototype.

anyway you would get to use mechs from different factions against each other in both campaign and matchmaking, where combat would take place in entire collapsible/destroyable environments like cities and bases,open wilderness and Installations.

Imagine operating the Cyclops MK-2 that’s in the Adrift map, or a Scarab, what if you could pilot an ancient Warsphinx or an updated Seeker. Halo heaven if you ask me.