Unique Forerunner weapons

Whilst 343 seems to have done a sterling job of integrating the Forerunner weapons into the sandbox as a whole, with an even spread of basic weapons and power weapons, where are the unique ones that can’t instantly be classifiable as pistol/auto-rifle/precision rifle/rocket launcher/sniper? The Covenant and UNSC have medium-damage unique function weapons in both the Needler and the Sticky Detonator, and the Sword, Hammer, Rail Gun and Concussion Rifle are all near enough power weapons but with (relatively) unique functions.

So why don’t the Forerunners have these kinds of weapons? Maybe something for Hs5 and 6, given that the game’s gone gold already.

Their secondary weapon can be used to insta-kill, wouldn’t you call that unique?

Agreed. You’d think that the genius forerunners would have some really insane stuff up their sleeves. Not to say the new weapons aren’t awesome, because they totally are. Also where is mah sentinel beamz?

> Their secondary weapon can be used to insta-kill, wouldn’t you call that unique?

> Their secondary weapon can be used to insta-kill, wouldn’t you call that unique?

Which is that? The one that functions as a shotgun or a sniper or a rocket launcher or a pistol?

Yeah, I forgot the Scattershot in the OP. >_>

These Promethean weapons were designed to combat the flood. Their purpose is more of a selected desintegration

There’s a reason there are no Forerunner weapons with roles that are really tough to identify. 343 talked about all their iterations of the Forerunner weapons and how they had to balance making the weapon recognizable in a very archetypal way, ie “Oh this a close-range weapon, this a mid-range rifle, etc” and making them unique to the other faction’s equivalents. If a weapon is just completely unrecognizable and has no clear purpose, people may just ignore it. On the flip side, you don’t want the Scattershot to be a shotgun re-skin, or the Lightrifle to be a rehashed Battle Rifle. So you end up with an arsenal for the Prometheans that’s similar to existing weapon archetypes but still unique and balanced enough to be fun and useful.

Do you have an any suggestions? I mean ide love to hear some completely original unique concepts for a weapon…

Well 343 wanted weapons that you could pick up and have some sort of an idea what to do with them, but they gave each sort duel funtionalities or extensions of those basic weapons.

For example the boltshot is a pistol and can be used like one, but it also has its charged state that requires a bit more finess. Same goes for the scattershot which can bank shots off of walls. Then there is the incineration cannon that up front looks like a rocket launcher but you definatly want to be further away from your target when you fire it. So they all their own unique uses and such.

Also new weapon concepts are hard to come up with and even harder to place into the game it self. In the latest sparkcast the devs mentioned a prototype weapon called the stasis pistol now we can only imagine what it did and how unique it was, often times though unique weapons wind up on the cutting room floor.

One more thing, I think the concept of having weapons with multiple funtions is more interesting then some new weapon breed.