Uninstalled this steaming pile. Done with 90 ms and mediocre gameplay

Title surmises my thoughts. This is a Bungie game you inherited and broke. Just like Dave G did to Tribes. Buh bye… (Most of the console gamers and todays generation won’t know what the game is but same circumstance. Money hungry execs wanting to line their pockets)

Would love to have gamers run these franchises instead of greedy little corporations who don’t give a crap other then their bottom line; money for the top 1%). BTW I never spent a cent on this title and feel like you owe me for wasting my time fuddling through your inability to connect to reliably low latency servers. Or at least provide me with the option to filter out higher latency servers.

Please don’t waste your money on their skins. Instead they should be using it to make new maps and good content. But alas, they won’t cuz we have a bunch of gamers who will support this title because they don’t know they should expect better like we used to get with games from over 20 years ago Could say so much more but again I don’t want to put in more effort then the game devs who were likely handcuffed by the publishers pushing their timelines and removing features (Forge any one?)

This post will die and won’t be read because it’s more then 3 words but 343 were handed a gold ticket and turned it into mud.

Sincerely thanks for nothing 343


I don’t think it’s that bad lol. I just feel like the game is incomplete with a lot of bugs. They rushed the release. They should have delayed it another year and released everything in a quality state.


Developers should say what their game does. Publishers need to screw off. They should only share in profits for publishing… the game. Crazy right? But no, they have to dictate every little thing the developers do. SAD.

We need more indie developers without these publishers pushing their agendas, greed and stink. 343 needs to grow some teeth towards microsoft. Same can be said of shareholders. Either wait or buzz off.


Going back to MCC feels so much better. You can actually aim and play what you want. And the progression is better.


I woke up and brushed my teeth this morning.


Sorry to hear that and you need a break from the game. See you in a week or so!


For the record, it’s not 343 behind the bad server ping, it’s Microsoft’s Azure servers. See for yourself. Test your latency.


My personal ping is 15-20ms but I get 80-150ms because the closest two servers are halfway across the US. Microsoft needs to work on their new servers more. They need more servers and faster ones at that.


so i’m new to this ping thing and only just noticed you can add it to the UI.
I was getting around 150 ms last game, what’s usually seen as decent?

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Every game I play is normally 80 ping. The only thing that keeps me playing is my friends.

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20ish is good with no latency to very-very little latency

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Well i’m now getting 250, playing from the UK

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its so bad that it broke records in viewership for the HCS, damn nice try.


Don’t act like a huge chunk of that wasn’t the people watching Summit who was getting paid to stream and it people just getting the drops. I’m not saying it’s not doing well but come on.


I find mcc so slow now in comparison though

I loved halo 3 and put thousands of hours into that game but I was running along the bridge on narrows the other day and think I dozed off for a while