So, after downloading the last batch of patches, I still couldn’t load any multiplayer maps. That means no multiplayer, no forge. So I uninstalled and re-downloaded the game. Sure enough, now I can’t even get to the main menu before the game crashes. Specifically, I can’t even get past the “Microsoft Studios” logo, before it freezes up. I’m also pretty sure that ever since I downloaded the game, my Xbox has just been slightly sluggish. Anyone else get this? AT least before I could play the campaign, for the most part…now it’s just taking up space on my hard drive…

Try to Power Cycle your console.
If that doesn’t work, I suggest you:

  1. uninstall
  2. Restart your console
  3. Re-install and let it reach progress of over 80% before launching the game.

I forgot to mention, I’ve power cycled on more than one occasion. Do you really think it’ll help, uninstalling/redownloading it? I just did that, and the game won’t work for me at all now. I’m afraid to see what’ll happen now. I let t download completely, and bam, still malfunctioning game.

Everytime I acess the game I can’t acess anything like the campaign or playlist or multiplayer like I can’t acess anything can anybody help

That is very weird. I am having a separate issue where Halo 2 Campaign won’t load for me. I havn;t tried to re-install it yet because it takes so damn long