Unikorn skin

hello, I would like to unlock the blue unicorn skin.
I tried to search for a member of the 343 in a game, but even playing for two years every day in halo I’ve never been able to.
I would like to know if it is possible for some members of the 343 to add to my friends to make a game and help me to unlock the skin.
my GT is whitewidow51
Thanks in advance

You need to match 343 members during a Community playdate, you cant get it during regular matchmaking. Keep an eye on the weekly bulletins for details of future playdates.

I’ve tried it every time they announce that members of the 343 will play at some time.
but I’ve never been able to find one, maybe because I’m Italian or maybe because of my low connection I can not find their matches.
precisely for this I wanted to know if through this forum at least one member of the 343 had the pleasure of adding me and playing with me

It’s rare to match them, even when they announce it because everyone is trying. It is based on luck, but I say keep trying!

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Very good