Unified HUD Mod

So I have been looking around, but I don’t see it anywhere. Maybe I’m blind, but I’d have thought that someone out there would have made a unified HUD system for Halo MCC. I enjoy the series, and have been playing the games since day one on Xbox…but sometimes I wish there was a way to make the HUD the same for every game. I see that someone has made a HUD mod for Halo 3 to bring it to parity with Infinite, but I do not see if that person is working on the other games as well.


I’m almost a bit surprised they didn’t add this as a feature already using something like the H:O HUD to start, before maybe adding a version based on each game.

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I came up playing the original Halo games, but it is so weird to play Halo 2 sometimes with the shields above radar.