unicorn emblem needed

Does anybody have the unicorn emblem that has not been activated from the console purchase. I will pay good money for it. Thank You.

This might be a difficult feat for you, unless you find someone who honestly hates the Fotus armor. I say this because the Emblem code comes with the Armor and the LE skin. Some people wanted the weapon skin, if not the armor.

Best of luck, but the only thing I have left from my console edition is the Female Fotus Avatar armor.

Edit: I usually wear Fotus. Recon is just an alternate some times.

Thank You for reply. Its for a buddy of mine that’s in Afghanistan. Were big Halo Fans and he has had it since Halo 2.

how much moola we talkin about?

give a price. will negotiate.

Princess Luna!!!

to be quite honest, i already used mine. but if i had a spare one, i would’ve given it to you for free.

Thanks man for getting back to me. I bought LE and i have spec codes for anybody. Got on Ebay and looked it up for Fotus…WOW, a girls virginity is cheaper.