There really should be some sort of penalty for the -Yoink- bags/teammates that immediately chuck nades at me cause I got the mantis or scorpion before they did…Seriously it even burns me up when I see these fools doing the same thing to another teammate. An accidental splatter is one thing, but these dudes are just TROLLS!!

Griefers actually. Trolls make inappropriate or deliberately stupid comments. Griefers actively seek to disrupt your gameplay.

Never heard that before bro, thanks. Well yeah, they suck too

This has been in every halo game. Just one of those things. They’re just nooby kids.

I’ll destroy my teammates vehicles if they hit me with it. My way of saying “You can drive this when you’re more responsible with it.”

Well, with running over team mates, it could be over-enthusiasm. I attempted to get a team mate into the back of a warthog, but caught too much air and ended up side swiping him. Betrayed, but wasn’t kicked. Only after someone was running into the side tunnels on Ragnarok, where I was flushing opposition with grenades, was I kicked from the game.

You usually have to get ran over twice before you can kick, only happened to me one but I was glad to do it. I usually get ran over next to my base after a respawn, usually from behind by a warthog because the lazy -Yoink- didn’t want to take the time to go around.