unfreaking belivable

in halo 4 i’ve noticed a lot of problems and i shall write them out in a numbered list

  1. matchmaking: i personally think that the join in progress feature is a bit like a double edged sword because no one really wants to join a game that is already in progress or join the losing team most people want to play a fresh game from the start.

  2. specialization codes: this was a bad feature to put in and you’ve really screwed a lot of people over with this even me even though i’m 19 and live in AMERICA AND HAVE PLAYED SINCE NOVEMBER FREAKING 8TH, and many others cant get the codes because YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT SENDING IT TO THEIR COUNTRIES!! plus i can go on forever about this but i wont to save characters

  3. unsatisfactory support: you guys really need to start doing something about this because a lot of people feel the same way that you guys need to pull your heads out of your collective -Yoinks!- and try to fix this because the longer you wait the more will get angrier about not getting what they were promised and you may end up having several potential lawsuits on your hands.

  4. armour unlocking system: some of the prerequisites for unlocking armour pieces are a bit harsh in forms that for some people would be impossible to achieve like perfections and having to master them to get anything is pretty stupid

if anyone would like to most any more problems they find with halo 4 feel free to post because i want to alert 343i about this and any help is appreciated