Unfortunate news for campaign (no spoilers)

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I agree with this decision.

If one wants scoring that is what Spartan ops is for.

I am all for separating campaign from the MP/career bring as much as possible


overall still terrible for the game.


ok THAT I do not agree with

Also, you guys need to remember that the servers are NOT up yet

I can see why they might of done it and it only really involves making it harder for people to find Easter eggs by flying to the place with the camera instead of having to actually get there but if its in spartan ops then I don’t get it.

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That’s a bit disappointing if it’s true. Really liked the scoring system for campaign, I always switched it on when playing.


There will be a theater mode, because otherwise a number of the achievements (visible on the waypoint app on xbox live) would be unnobtainable

I’ve heard about Campaign being incompatible with Theatre, but for there to be no scoring as well is incredibly disappointing.

If Halo 4’s Campaign was actually enjoyable I fully intended to beat on Mythic difficulty. But if it can’t be proved a lot of that community feel that appears when people all push themselves to accomplish that goal and compare strategies and times etc will die off.

> .

Exactly why I suggested not taking anyone at their word yet.


Well now i’m not gunna believe anything until I get the game myself. :slight_smile:

awww no campaign fails in Halo 4 Fails of the Weak?



> awww no campaign fails in Halo 4 Fails of the Weak?

There probably still will be but a lot less as no theatre mode.

If this is true, then that is very disappointing.

Dont really care to much about theater but scoring is fn great I hope its in there this sucks otherwise

Alright, stop freaking out everyone.

We’ve got 2 early adopters claiming opposite things. That means one is a troll/idiot and one is truth. We don’t find out for another 13 days.