Unforgiving REQ packs

I would like by saying that I don’t mean to whine or complain but to bring attention to this issue.

So since its release I have played a good amount of Halo 5 and I have played fairly and played to the system which 343 set up. On REQs: I have earned the points by playing and I rarely pay for the single Gold REQ of I can avoid it.

So now to my issue. Though I mostly earn my way and was glad receive the gifts from E3 this year I was disappointed at every opening of the Platinum and Gold pack. Where I’m seeing my friends get legendary armor and helmets I continued to receive weapons, skins, and emblems. The only armor at all has been from silver and they are not that great. Overall its frustrating that I have not received anything for my efforts considering armor is what I care about. My buddy’s who are grossly under-ranked and barely play, get the legendary armor and their alternates in the same breath.

I have told you my concern and realisticly I just want Mark IV set. I know I’m one of thousands who say this but i really think I’m owed this. After hours in a day opening 4-6 Gold packs just to receive Weapon Certs and weapon skins and Emblems it just gets irritating.

Such is the nature of RNG. Some will get lucky and some won’t. This is how the REQ system was designed; it’s not a support issue.