Unfair Unban Request

Many years ago, 9, to be Exact my brother decided to use my account to complain on the forums, you can tell where this is going, it got my account banned and his was not even touched from this incident, which I find very annoying and frustrating because I have been unable to post, even in the support sections since I made my xbox account.

Now my issue is, this affects my reporting of bugs and such I find in MCC and generally I want to get back into the halo community more because of Halo Infinites Release coming up soon, I really want to get into Halo infinite, It was the account’s first and only post too, I have not even been able to post on the forum since I made the account, I am in on the MCC-insider too so I cannot even report bugs that i have encounter either

Now, I know I am breaking the rule myself here making an alt to ask for this but there was no other way for me to do so, I tried contacting MS support at the bottom of this website 3 years ago now and got into a chat with a representative who lead me onto calling MS support who forwarded me serval times but to no avail, for 2 hours I got nowhere and I could not figure out a way to at least ask for an unban or point of contact as even on the support part of the forums I could not post which is silly IMO but I can understand it from another POV but on the other hand how can I get help from official channels?

I also understand that it is a permanent ban too which I disagree with, if it was 10 years I would understand but it is not unfortunately, making this Alt & asking is my last try as the account [xXbghytXx] is my main account that I use & never been banned on anything, Preferably I would have a clean slate which is why I am trying to get my account unbanned, I do not understand why it is my fault why a family member guessed my password and decided to use my then, newly created account by a 13 year old vs a 18 year old guessing my passcode.
If a moderator could look and perhaps unban me I’d be eternally grateful:

Many thanks xXbghytXx & sorry again for making an alt to try and resolve this issue, if you need / want to ban this account in exchange I’d understand / accept that.