So recently me and my friend decided to grind breakout to get a good rank…
in one of my games, I got a frenzy and in another I got a running riot… while my teammate seemed to have a negative K/D while I was high positive
when we finished 10 games each I had a KDA of 12.6, yet he had -5! the ranks came up…I got gold 4 and he got platinum 6?!
I quickly checked my stats to learn EVERYONE of my stats were better than his (excluding win percentage because we were in the same games) including accuracy,K/D and more…

please spread this news because not only is that the problem but there Is other issues such as unfair matching! (I got to gold 6 and got matched against an onyx player…)

it says you are un ranked… If you did that on a new tag then what do you expect.

in your march 2016 season you did not get a frenzy or a running riot, we can see your medals earned.
when did these games happen? did you use a differnt account? the account you are on averges high gold in breakout that would get factored into where you actually rank and place. did you even check your friends prior placement history?

the two ppl who i see you played with the most one being in your clan ranked gold 1 lower then you the other not in your clan has ranked plat in breakout in the past.