Unfair having to pay to play MCC multiplayer

I’ve been playing all night with very little wait time between games. What type of specific game and gametype are you looking for exactly?

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I marked all of them because I got tired of waiting on shotty/snipers. Still nothing. Going to try closing my game completely as others suggested

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Believe me, it is, this guy just doesn’t want to pay for gold which is understandable but he should be looking into getting a PC and not playing infinite instead.


Just like titanfall =(

Precisely. When you add up the costs of the cosmetics, Halo: Infinite is more dangerous for peoples wallets than the Collection is.


Yeah, but paying for gold hardly makes sense anymore.


It’s never really made sense but Im glad I didn’t have to rush to make a PC because they almost permanently ruined gold for me when they were going to bump up the price

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