Unfair having to pay to play MCC multiplayer

I’m creating this topic as I’m finding this so unfair
Why do I need to pay subscriptions on xbox to play this game in multiplayer when pc players play for free?

Why the discrimination against console players when we bought the hardware from Microsoft?

Why do we need to pay the equivalent to a battlepass on a monthly base just to be able to access multiplayer?

No wonder people on xbox are abandoning MCC as infinite is definitely a better deal for the wallet.

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I was under the impression that it was the other way around given how many people dislike the current state of Halo: Infinite.


OP you know you can BUY MCC for like 30 bucks right? It’s also got about 20x to 30x the content Infinite does and functions infinitely better than Infinite to boot.

What I’m getting from your post is some insanely entitled attitude. It’s not unfair at all. You DON’T need to pay for a subscription on Xbox to play MCC, all you need to do is go to the store, look up “Master Chief Collection” and puchase the game, or get a used copy fairly cheap at gamestop or whatever gamestore is near you.

MCC isn’t 60$ anymore, the game released in 2014.

If you want to play the game THAT badly, you’d have looked for it in the store instead of coming to the forums to whine about Gamepass.


(I’m getting really sick of these forum bugs. Hopefully this one posts properly.)

On Xbox, you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play online multiplayer games (with the exception being free-to-play titles).


I play MCC on my xbox and PC and I don’t have to pay for Xbox live to play MCC’s multiplayer on PC, but if I want to play it on my Xbox, I need to pay monthly or yearly to play it
I think I’m gonna be playing MCC on my PC only from here on out


Entitled really?
I paid for every single game from the series .
I paid for the digital copy of the MCC .
I pay the equivalent of a battlepass every single month just to be allowed to play multiplayer and you have the disgraceful attitude to come here and attack me for complaining for having to pay to be able to access something that I already paid for for the past 20 years?
How dare you you Entitled filjo da -Yoink!-


Yes that’s how Xbox live has worked for over a decade now. You’re not entitled to free Xbox Live.

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Name calling? That’s a losers argument. Your post came off as entitled because IT IS. You aren’t entitled to free anything. If you really played Halo for the past 20 years you’d know that you ALWAYS needed to pay for Xbox Live. Is it a bit expensive? Yes. Is it worth the price? Yes. Because unlike Nintendo, Microsoft actually knows how to manage online services.

As for your second post, the only one sitting on a pedestal of ignorance here is you. Also please explain how I’M the entitled one when you’re the one crying about Xbox Live?

All I see from you is screaming angrily at the screen while not actually getting your point across. This thread is hilariously sad. Bye.


It has been this way for a long time. I share your sentiments but it’s on you for not knowing this was a thing when purchasing an Xbox console. Even Nintendo has been doing it since September 2018 for the Nintendo Switch. I’m shocked it’s been over three years since they started charging for it too. The companies say that it helps them develop, improve, and sustain online features but it’s also a big, consistent profit source. Welcome to owning a console. The nice thing is that now some games support mouse and keyboard if you plug one in to your Xbox.

Don’t give yourself a rash with all those harsh words. It’s not worth the trouble to blow up on hot air. I think we all understand how this conversation got off on the wrong foot. Let’s keep it on topic.

Pretty sure you need Xbox live gold for any Xbox game for online multiplayer, even infinite. If you buy a Xbox and want to play online multiplayer you need a gold subscription. Sorry you didn’t know but Xbox live gold is pretty cool. They constantly have offers for games at big discounts or even free.

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You have to pay for Xbox live to play L4D2 and TF2 on 360.

You do not have to pay for Xbox live to play them on PC.

Microsoft has always made it so that playing online with their console requires an entry fee for their curated service known as xbox live, but it’s for that console alone as it is an inherent console fee. When they tried to enforce live costs onto the PC market with GFWL, it was immediately shutdown by the PC playerbase and killed PC Halo for nearly 15 years.

Nobody likes the fact that consoles charge a service fee, but it is a well documented thing that If you do not want to be charged for online, you move to PC. If you can’t afford a PC, then you already know the answer as to why PC players don’t get charged console service fees. It’s also far from unfair since Microsoft comps gold users and offers free games and discounts that PC players do not get access to.

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@Omega399, If it makes you feel any better, only select original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles are actually free. You lose the others the second your subscription expires.

From experience, there’ll likely be replies to me claiming otherwise. These people either always renew their subscription or are Microsoft fanboys.

Xbox Live gold is no longer required for any free to play online games including Infinite. I believe this change was implemented last year.


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Xbox Live should be abolished but there’s not really a lot anyone can do about it sadly. This is basically Microsoft’s fault but I kind of wish it was optional but at the same time I’m concerned about players cheating.

Infinite is no way a better deal because it’s tons of content removed and forced into a awful predatory system. Plus last time I checked Infinite has about 7000 players on Steam while MCC was around 4000-6000 player so there not all jumping to Infinite. MCC is fine as a paid game but Infinite is awful as F2P game.

Already jumped back to MCC due to how predatory Infinite is so your point doesn’t make sense.

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eh, I haven’t used gold for years so I don’t know what’s changed since. Last time I did however, every month would have one 360 title released free to download and play whenever, while Xbox One was given 2 free titles per month free to download, but only available to play so long as Gold was renewed (Had to file a few complaints because that system had a habit of breaking already installed paid for games by making the system think they were Gold Downloads)

tons of stuff would also get discounts on Xbox One so that was nice.

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Same. I haven’t touched MCC in almost a week due to my Xbox One fan dying. I only use it for youtube/twitch atm, definitely looking for a replacement, not expecting one anytime soon lol.

MCC customs reminds me of what made Halo great, just hanging out with friends and doing your own thing. Halo Infinite, feels like a storefront that has gameplay that was added last minute and has very little “fun factor” to it.


My xbox live is for other games aswell. And let’s face it halo MCC is worth it.


It’s literally one of the many benefits of having a pc, no more paying for xbl gold lol

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Sort of but the population and lack of improvements to the anti-cheat system makes it hard to justify paying for xbox live when PC gamers get to play online for free at Xbox gamers expense. This is why Xbox Live gold needs to be abolished so that the online paid requirement is gone.


Its unfqir to pay for a game that we can’t even get matches for. Literally no one playing.

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