Unfair gameplay

why is the game designed to punish players who don’t quit early? I decided to play team slayer get into a game of halo 2 and shortly into the game 3 vs 4 from the start, which isn’t too bad till the other 2 players on your team quit leaving you to somehow vs 4 players who are traveling in 2 player groups that proceed to spawn kill you with the power weapons only their team can now reach, causing about 20 unfair deaths for me and my record while costing me a rank of skill due to dying so many times

why is it that a player like me who doesn’t quit early gets punished in a 1v4 spawn kill fest with no advantage to counter the odds when my team quit early?

I’ve encountered some issues with Halo 2’s matchmaking on the MCC recently. I’ve been disconnected from multiple games in Halo 2 (both Classic and Anniversary) even though my connection is fairly decent in other games on the Xbox One as well as other Halo titles in the MCC (i.e. Halo 3, 4, etc.)

Chances are the members of your team could be getting disconnected from the game but there’s no way of telling since everyone sees it as a quit.

I get what you mean though there are actually 2 different quit messages, timed out, and quit, which I believe timed out is when you randomly disconnect while the quit one I usually see my teammates standing still, not something like running in place, presumably going through the pause menu to quit, and my complaint is really directed at host migration kicks, just more when I see people standing still and then see that they quit, not timed out