Unfair Boss Takedown

I find it frustrating that after wearing down a boss, someone else delivers the death blow and you get no points for the damage dealt.
This has happened to me on several occasions, such that at the last minute as I try to fend off a grunt. crawler, etc, that is almost destroying me, before I know it the boss is down, and I have zero points!

welcome to firefight (and warzone I think too has bosses?)

I dont even bother shooting at banshee bosses anymore they are easily the worst for that. Every other boss though will do it too, shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot duck away for a second boss dies, no credit. Been a thing since I started playing a couple of years ago now. It is crippling gameplay wise if its a boss heavy match, as its not impossible to get stuck in round 5 at req 5 because everything engaged rewards no credit. I’ll admit its unbelievably rare, has happened to me like once, but not getting boss credit at least to some degree is an every game affair.

Obviously a simple solution should be that bosses don’t reward bonus anything (score or req progress) beyond the basic kill medal and commendation progress.

I find it odd though how some players seem to get 100% boss credit even if they go off trash farming. If i can shoot a boss for 90% of the fight and get nothing but they can farm trash pop off a snipe shot and get credit on everything, that seems illegitimate and dodgy lol.