Unexplained restart made me lose saved map @ forge

I don’t even get why I bother to post, the freaking devs don’t fix anything

The problem with this post is that it holds no information whatsoever about what you were actually doing. It doesn’t even explain what restarted. Was it Halo? The Xbox? Or just forge itself?

See, the issue might not even have been Halo, but the Xbox forcing the game to restart due to overheating, a memory issue, rare glitch in the OS coding and so forth.
If it’s Halo it could be a memory leak that made the Xbox start the game again to perhaps empty some RAM and/or the cache memory.

You can’t seriously believe i343 are able to fix anything if you give them no information at all. So,
~What were you doing in forge?
~How long had the xbox been on?
~How long had Halo been running?
~How long had you been forging?
~Is this something you experience a lot?
~Do you think you can replicate the scenario?

Also, save every five minutes, this is pretty much standard procedure.