Unexpected behaviour when being hit by vehicles

When I run or boost into a stationary, or almost stationary enemy vehicle, I die. I think this behaviour is completely unexpected and should be fixed in the next Halo game. I just played a game were I got a speed boost, started running up to a scorpion, dodging all it’s shots, and just as I’m about to land on top of it to board it, I get splattered–yet the scorpion seemed to be completely stationary.

This behaviour happens with all vehicle interactions. I barely graze a wall in a vehicle and it lowers my shields. I barely tap a teammate with a vehicle and it completely drains their shield. There’s a ton of other vehicle related bugs as well: After I board a vehicle, the enemy hops out and shoots me while I can’t do anything except attack the now vacant boarded vehicle. I boost full speed into an enemy only to be stopped by a shotgun shot, yet a hammer seems useless.

Halo has always had weird quirks with vehicle physics. Check out online vids…there are multitudes of annoying/frustrating/hilarious random vehicle deaths and glitches. I haven’t run into too many of these myself, and usually just chalk it up to karma beating me down.

I imagine that either the H5 support forum (https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/e0d9938206f04a598ce84f2c8cadce02/topics) or the General Topic forum for H6 wishes (https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/f9237adeaf1742c09de144d7bf3f7507/topics) is the one to post under for this issue if you want to push for more support for a fix.

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No u

I only came here because of your wording in the title. Probably wouldn’t have thought of anything better to say

Halo 5 seems to have the weirdest splatter mechanics, you can full speed someone and just knock them back, god forbid if you turn your vehicle in their direction you are killing them

I hate it when the crazy physics cause a scorpion to splatter me. It is pretty amusing when the tables are turned and I get one of those splatters though

I think lag or better connection must influence it. I’ve been ‘splattered’ by a turning tank while I’m boarding it. This when I’ve had invis and it didn’t know I was there.

And it can occur in reverse, too. Fortunately, neither is that frequent.

Saved by Fairies

Honestly it has happened so much that I have gotten used to it yes it is very annoying but once you get used to it before thinking I am going to jump or sprint over to that vehicle think about what will happen if you do that it will be much easier and yes this doesn’t solve everything there is moments when you have no other choice and that is honestly really annoying I wish it wasn’t like that but at least it isn’t too bad of a problem in my opinion.

And another thing even if it is really annoying at least you can use it to your advantage against other players.