Uneven teams/join in progress has failed.

As the title says really,matchmaking is all too happy to start with players missing and even worse with uneven teams.
Players are not joining to even things up and last night I actually played several consecutive games of CTF with 4vs5.
This has to stop,its worse than before where quitters and people getting kicked were the problem.

What makes the players quit most of the time in the first place?

Uneven teams.

Why are there so many games with uneven teams?
Party vs Randoms. They should tweak the matchmaking so it when you search for opponents in party, it tries to find another party to play against.

I was playing dominion one time and it started a match 4v1. Why does it not wait till the lobby fills up like past halos?

I have to agree here. This is one of my few complaints. I will go in with a party of four and get matched up with 5 players. The other day, I was in a 4v2 because 2 people left mid-match and it never gave us two more team mates. -Yoinking!- stupid.