Undo everything 343i

Dear 343i and Obama,

please fix halo servers. back when 343i made Halo MCC they ruined halo for everyone with the crap glitches and crap servers. Now that halo 5 has be given to us on OCT 27th the server in which we play halo 5 has gone from Pure perfection to complete crap. i don’t know why you guys can’t get anything right. i mean i was shocked halo 5 worked after seeing MCC but for what ever reason you guys keep touching crap and making the game worse and worse. glitches and bugs that were not there are now popping up everywhere and now the servers are matching MCC. i do not know what you guys are doing on your end but you need to stop and reset the game back to how it was before you started to mess with it. i want halo to be fun for everyone and to keep halo alive but as of right now you guys are killing the game. soon halo will be known as one of the worst games ever sold. and i will blame that on you guys and obama.

things that are wrong:
can’t connect with other friends to play games. (i do not want to hear oh its your internet on your end because if it was i would have fixed it long ago)
random req pack’s not loading correctly (every once in a while when i buy a pack the items shown never show up in my collection)
warzone req glitch (every now and then the req’s wont work forcing everyone to use the same loadout all game)
not being able to find matches at higher rank (anyone who is onyx/champ and is playing at a time where less people are on can’t find a game)
removing BTB from ranked… this was a big mistake. now full parties can’t find games and its boring. champ players in btb couldn’t find games because it would only allow onyx players to play vs them but i was told it wouldn’t be fun to expand the search because the lower ranks getting matched with champ players will upset people. well making the gametype social is doing just that! its allowing champ players mix in with scrubs good job! so why couldn’t you just expand the search?!

people getting random disconnects from the servers when they do work.

the maps are trash! back in halo 2/3 all the maps were made by hand not forge and looked awesome now they all look the same and feel like a drunk 5 year old tossed them together. stop making remakes of old maps and just give us the old maps! so you have to re work the maps to allow for the clamber and stuff so what? take the time and do it. half the crap you put into the game that we should be allow to clamber doesn’t work anyways! with the unlimited run and boost we can get across maps easy! so stop making them so small! we are getting maps and stuff for free we should be happy right? well free stuff is normally crap so i rather pay 50$ more having good maps over free crap.

the one thing 343i did good is take away split screen i am happy there are no more afk guests who suck! split screen in customs, story, social is fine but ranked is a no no.

stop killing the love i have for halo 343i before you guys are bankrupt and fired from the poor work you do.
i will add more things to the list of broken things later right now i can’t be bothered to waste my time when nothing i say will be listen too.

ayy lmao