Undo Button For Forge

Many times in forge I’ve accidentally deleted something or made another simple but potentially devastating error. This can be fixed by constant saving but it’s easy to accidentally save a bad version if the error isn’t noticed immediately. If the map hasn’t been saved, hours of work could be completely wasted due to a simple error.

The Solution?

An undo button.
From PowerPoint to photo and video editors, almost all modern creation programs allow users to undo previous actions. This would be an amazing feature to have in Halo infinite.

tl;dr Add an undo button as people make mistakes.

I found the h5 forge pc program awesome ( besides from bugs and problems, which are a lot ): I think H Infinite should use it and maybe make it a bit easier.

H5 forge is very complex and is quite hard to be used even with mouse and keyboard, in Infinite forge could be improved for controllers and be more intuitive.