understand aiming and reticle movement - MKB

I’m a mouse and keyboard player. and this is for MKB aiming experience alone.
so far everyone must have realized that the default aim setting is bad in infinite, why? here’s a breakdown of its characteristic:

  • reticle movement speed does not correctly follow the movement of your mouse. actual default speed are forced to have the same steady speed despite mouse movement no matter how fast or how hard your wrist move. this is the core problem i faced in the flight.
  • as such the default setting result in various problem, first being unable to follow the strafing of opponent as you cant speed up or slow down - only kickstart the motion by moving in the desired direction. and if your reticle are forced to follow a moving player you will have generally a hard time catching up. this resulted in wasted time and reduce your TTK performance.
  • second being unable to react fast enough to jump scare and opponent having a jump on you for the same reason. the reticle move speed is artificially made steady, and this will result very often in a loss engagement and you looking at respawn count down.
  • coming from cod modern warfare, the slower TTK in infinite magnify the problem of the default aiming setting due to the fact that you cannot reverse the snowball of a gunfight mostly because your reticle cant keep up with someone jumping and squatting and strafing while shooting at you with general accuracy thanks to aim assist.
  • the default setting will force you into playing with a very passive playstyle, heavy on turtling up with power weapon because most of the time you cant win an engagement without being a veteran with 10+ years of experience in halo/fps.
  • overcoming the problem, in the flight i turned off aim assist/mouse magnetic and have the mouse acceleration turned(minimum-maximum acceleration to max as well) on while mostly keeping the default aim sensitivity setting(anything higher you will have shaking screen like as if your spartan have alzheimer).
  • surprisingly it resulted in a very pleasant flight experience as my reticle can move around freely and actually keep up with my reaction and place a lot less burden on my wrist while at the same time dont give me disorientation usually accompany by the shaking screen at high sensitivity setting in other fps.
  • this also let me do reasonably well in a 1-1 engagement in the case both player start shooting at each other at the same time/ and stand about a 40-60 chance when opponent has the jump.