Unclear Monster promo rules

So I bought a can of monster, texted the receipt to the given number for the grocery promo in the US. While it was processing I then sent a picture to the sweepstakes site. The sweepstakes site approved me but the grocery text replied with a message saying that my retailer wasn’t participating (which it was, I even double checked the rules). I sent this whole story plus images of the rules and receipt to the support email. They got back to me saying that it was an incorrect error and said it was instead because I used the receipt on the sweepstakes site. No where in the rules or the official news posts about says the sweepstakes/2xp and grocery skins can’t both be done with your receipt. If the receipt service is incorrect they need to be informed, and if there is an unwritten/incorrectly worded rule it needs to be update and those who submitted before the update should get their codes. As all I wanted was the skins but apparently just because the sweepstakes site (which doesn’t give skins) processed my submission faster than the grocery promo texting service despite being submitted later I’m out of luck. I haven’t even redeem a waypoint code form the sweepstakes site.

Hey OP, for any further support / help with Monster codes not working, please submit a ticket about that over on the Halo Support site. Thanks!