Uncancel Halo Wars 3

Halo Wars 3 was something that Creative Assembly had pitched to Microsoft at the close of Halo Wars 2… and then was shot down.

Though HW2 was successful. So the only reason I could think of it being shot down was because the lore for Halo Infinite was still being established and the development of the game was taking center stage in 343 and Microsoft’s divisions of labor. But what if Halo Wars 3 was renewed in a sense. Sure probably not to the story that Creative Assembly had imagined, but perhaps one where it lines up with Halo Infinite.

After all, a massive war broke out on Installation 07, one which led directly into the events of Halo Infinite. Why not have Halo Wars 3 be a prequel to Halo Infinite, one where we get to see just what happened to cause such damage to Installation 07 and brought the UNSC to its knees.

The Campaign mode could be something along the lines of Command & Conquer, where you can essentially play with two campaigns and one of which will be made canon, the one being where the Banished have control over the ring and the UNSC are decimated. It could also help explain the events as to why The Weapon AI is confused as to why Cortana was eliminated. Imagine having a faction of Prometheans you can control with AIs being their commanders! I wonder what that would do to an AI like Isabel, siding with the UNSC even though it could mean her destruction in just a few years… or would she betray the Spirit of Fire?

This could be an interesting game…
(hint-hint wink-wink “343 I highly recommend you do this sometime if you aren’t already planning it further down the line”)

As a huge RTS fan from my youth, I’m with you all the way hoping for a third installment of the Halo Wars series. Maybe if and when Infinite revives the franchise they might go back to the drawing board.



I would love to see Halo Wars 3 happening in future installments. There is still a lot of stories they can tell in the Halo Wars video games.

To be honest, we never even expected to get a Halo Wars 2 since Ensemble was shut down upon release so I’d say there’s hope yet.

I think it’s just that they need to establish the shift in narrative with Infinite first and then can bring HW into the mix.

I just really hope they don’t do something upsetting like kill everyone off. We saw the Inifinity and all it’s dead crew. I really hope that’s not the case for the Spirit of Fire. In fact I actually hope we run into Anders and Jerome/Isabel in game

Do a spiritual reboot
It seems natural that the HW3 with a redesigned game engine will be released.
In expanding the world of HALO, not only novels and comics, but also
Worth being drawn by the game
Because games are the main thing in HALO
I love HW2 but it’s not perfect
HW3 is what is desired

I want more

The though of chief being in a halo wars title sounds like pure power lol.

Imagine the potential if they did make a Halo Wars 3 as a prologue to the story we get in Halo Infinite?

The potential for Commanders skyrockets! And factions! You could have UNSC, Swords of Sanhelios, The Banished, The Storm Covenant, and The Created / Promethean

  • Returning Commanders from Halo Wars 1. - Arbiter / Kaidon Thel Vadam - The Didact’s Hand Jul 'Mdama - Captain Thomas Laskey - Commander Sarah Palmer - MCPO John-S117 - PFC Chips Dubbo - Spartan Edward Buck - Possibly a Jackal Commander for the Banished. - Cortana - The Warden Eternal - Governor Sloane - Hive Queen Commander - Dr. Catherine Halsey - Spartan Jun-A266And the potential for mission locations is astounding !

  • Inside the Spartan War Games bays - Biome Locations on the Halo Ring - The Ashen & Glasslands of ReachPlus it could answer any loose threads left over by the main story of Halo Infinite.

Yes there always needs to be a Halo RTS.

Creative Assembly is one of my favorite RTS game companies ever. They make amazing games on PC and I was so happy they got the reigns for HW2. I wish they could do a third game, I really enjoyed HW2’s story and gameplay.
Or even if Microsoft would allow CA to do their own version of “Halo Wars” with a different style of play or whatnot.
Creative Assembly is known for the Turn-Based/RTS TOTAL WAR Games, and I absolutely love that franchise. Now I know that type of gameplay wouldn’t necessarily work with a futuristic military, BUT I think they could borrow some really cool stuff from those games.

Imagine having a region map of a certain conflict, where you have camps/installations/cities and you’d need to build your forces at base and manage your militaries needs on your ship/base. Something alike to XCOM’s home ship.
Larger battles are something I’d personally like to see. Don’t get me wrong, Halo Wars is very similar to Company of Heroes which is amazing, but I’d really like to see LARGER conflicts or have some freedom.

But in the end, if they ever do make a 3rd game or reboot, I’ll be happy if it’s the same as before too!

I understand right now not being the time for hw3, but I do hope once infinite is released fully and its progression of the lore is established we could resume the idea of a hw3.

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> I understand right now not being the time for hw3, but I do hope once infinite is released fully and its progression of the lore is established we could resume the idea of a hw3.

Entirely agree. I would love to see a HW3 at some point.

Lore-wise I think the dust from Infinite would need to settle down before that direction could be taken further forwards.

Fingers crossed Halo Infinite doesn’t bomb and 343 can start working on ancillary games like Halo Wars 3.

We will probably get one after infinite hopefully

Would absolutely love a HW3!

Yeah I think that would be a sweet story for hw3 honestly. Fingers crossed but I won’t be my hopes up to high.

I think having a 3rd installment would be awesome. It may have to wait to after Infinite so the story can progress but they really need to consider it! I logged many hours in Halo Wars. and Halo Wars 2.

I agree, would be a great game.

I feel like with how Halo Wars 2 ended it wouldn’t leave much wiggle room in the time between the end of Wars and the beginning of Infinite. Still extremely sad that Halo Wars 3 was shot down hopefully they get another shot later after Infinite gets a foothold with its story.