Unbound Kits AND Core-Agnostic Pieces (Prevent Legal Action)

[Edited with a note explaining how changes may be needed to avoid a frivolous and unnecessary class action lawsuit.]

Both of the main customization gripes have been separately discussed and, after playing for a few hours and obtaining some kits & items tonight, I have to agree with both:

  • Kits should be unbound so their components can be freely applied individually.
  • Individual items should be core-agnostic: whether Recruit, Noble, Yoroi, or the inevitable future other cores.
  • [Added:] Alternatively/as a stopgap measure until customization is reworked: “kits” should be renamed as “skins”, all pieces should list the “core(s)” it can be applied to, and descriptions of exactly how each product can be used should be single-button-press accessible at all times.

This would serve to:

  • Fulfill the promise during development that monetization of customization would be compensated with freedom of individualization.
  • Promote transparency in sales (currently no disclosure that the per-piece system seen in the marketed battle pass is in fact not how the store kits work).
  • [Added:] Prevent opportunistic and ridiculous class action lawsuits on consumer protection grounds for allegedly misleading product descriptions. Sadly, it would not be unprecedented for folks to see, for example: “These are advertised as kits, which a Reasonable Consumer already understands to be a set of items.” > “These are advertised for sale and lack any disclosure explaining that they differ in function from existing definitions of similarly advertised items in existing other marketplaces.” > “Consumer proceeds to purchase and no-refund policy triggers at point of sale before Consumer can actually inspect how product is used.” > “Consumer uses product and discovers that it cannot be used as advertised.” > “Consumer has no recourse. Consumer would not afford to pursue legal action.” > “Hence, class action lawsuit aggregating the micro claims of millions of Consumers.”

Just my personal feelings as a consumer who spent some coin at first and then stopped spending after realizing that kits are locked and cores are siloes.


Yeah I got the “cloud 9” hcs coating and come to find out when I went to change my shoulder or chest pieces it completely removed the cloud 9 color scheme. Like why can I not use the color scheme with different pieces? It’s just a color nothing to complex.


You’re exactly proving a key point: customers entering the Halo Infinite marketplace already possess an understanding of what certain terms mean, and the game currently does not make any effort to say “Ok we know millions of you are already used to things working a certain way in other top games, so since you’re spending money here, let us explain how our product descriptions are different and what they mean.” The definition of “kit” is “a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose”, so you and I would naturally be surprised–through fault of the seller for not making exception–that buying a kit actually is buying a single skin and not a set.