Unbalanced teams

Too many times I’m put in games where either one team has two players and the other has up to 5 or even 7 players. Almost every game.Keep team slayer 4v4 not 5v5 not 1v100. 4v4 please. Up side is I’m starting to find games a little more faster. Also would like to add if we can have post game lobbies return instead of getting booted up. I want part up back!

We can’t find any answers to our questions… this is disapointing how the heck can you get a game this broken… 3v5 even 2v6 in ranked…

noticed the same, not sure how it loads with such off set teams

i’m sure it’s a lack due to the recent update or just a bug. One thing i know is that they’re working hard to fix everything ASAP.

so sick of this game not only does it ruin your rank when youre getting on unbalanced teams but it also ruins all your stats because youre trying to win a 4v1 on maps with fricken vehicles how has the game been out this long and even that bug has not been fixed