Unbalanced spawns in Oddball

Just commenting on something I noticed in a game of ranked oddball yesterday. My team won the first round, and the spawning was fine. Sometimes I spawned close(ish) to the oddball, sometimes I spawned far away.

The problems were in round two and three. From round two, everyone on my team started spawning on the exact opposite side of the map from where the oddball was after EVERY death, but the players on the other team that lost the first round continued to spawn in closer to the oddball. My team lost round two, and almost lost round three because it was simply far harder for us to get to the oddball carrier, either to kill the other team or to defend our own.

I have trouble believing that this just randomly happened. It really felt like the game’s programming was giving a spawn advantage to the other team because my team won round one. Has anyone else noticed something like this?

You can’t fix spawns in oddball. Oddball is just one of those gametypes where you will always get a bad spawn. I notice it myself. I spawn really far away from my team and the enemy AND the ball. But there’s nothing you can do about that. It’s just the nature of the game type