Unbalanced Gametypes

I’ve been wondering if the chance of a certain gamemode is all equal. I’m guessing they aren’t(but i don’t quite know) because when i go into the action sack playlist, i mostly get mantis breakout(one of my least favorites) 10 times, race gametypes just 3 times times, tank wars or whatever it’s called once, and one mongoose sumo, and never labyrinth maze thing i think it’s called(I have no clue). Do any of you guys experience this too. If so let me know and hopefully 343 will fix this in the next update or quickfix

Everyone experiences getting a same Map/Gamemode Rotation over & over again, including myself, its normal.

Ok what???

> hopefully 343 will fix this in the next update or quickfix

I mostly get Mantis breakout, Prop Hunt, or minotaurs by myself. I mostly get skeeball, Snowball fight, and paintball with a full lobby. I get race more often with three for some reason. I also only got tanks wars about 4 times and all of them with a lobby size of 2. I think it is some kind of algorithm. If you having trouble finding certain things try changing your search preferences. That should effect it. It doesn’t need fixed

If you stay in the play list long enough then you won’t mostly get anything. The distribution of game types will even out. If you’re playing three rounds a night then you’re not getting a balance of matches, but if you’re playing a lot more than that then you can look at your history and you’ll probably see, over time, a pretty even mix. That still won’t stop your brain from selectively remembering the things you really didn’t want to play, especially if you got a few of them in a row, but that’s a quirk of perception, not a quirk of mm.

Part of the RNG matchmaking. You may get what you dislike 10 times and it could be something I want but don’t get cause I get something else 10 times.

still better than a voting system.