Unarmed Vehicles

What is the point of the scout warthog and regular mongoose? They have no offensive capabilities besides splattering, which the mongoose doesn’t do well. They also cost the same REQ energy, so even if you do have a reason to use one, the scout warthog makes more sense. I am just trying to get a sense of their purpose because I get these REQ’s all the time, but rarely see them in Warzone.

Not really a reason to use them, since you can just spawn at the bases and there’s no reason to drive anywhere in anything that’s not a Ghost or above.

The only time I ever use a scout warthog or mongoose is just to get somewhere fast, in warzone not warzone assault. The only other time is when I use a random vehicle req. I don’t even like to use the gungoose, I just sell them.

I feel like they’re all great distractions though!