Unacceptable. Unplayable. Uninstalled

It’s bad enough that they never implemented server select on Day 1, but then to make geo filtering an “offence”… The icing on the cake, seems like they’re selectively just removing servers from the mix.

Where are the NA East servers?

Pre-reset my lowest possible ping was 50-55ms on NA East 1 and 2.

I haven’t had a game under 90ms ping since the reset.

I occasionally start a game at 70ms, but what ever server that is, it’s more unstable than my grandma using a walker with 2 of the 4 wheels missing. That server bounces from 70-120ms constantly.

I haven’t seen my “home” servers.

This is absolute an absolute trash experience. I wouldn’t even expect this many issues from Bethesda in a Fallout or Elder Scrolls title.

Fix it and let me know when it’s worth the reinstall.



Sucks =\

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Population must be low in your region at the times you play. While a server select would help, it would just mean much longer wait time for games, or when you do get games, they would be more poorly matched by skill. Needs more players.

They had to remove geofiltering, it was bad.


I’ve been playing from 9PM EST-Present. A full 24 hours+ and not a single game on my “home” servers. Peak time doesn’t exist anymore. The server just isn’t in rotation.

Pre-reset I would get my servers every other game. Or I’d play a few high ping games in a row then a few on my server etc.

Nothing like this. If there aren’t 8 players in my rank pool (Diamond) in NA East, then the game is dead.

Edit: Just realized that I’m still matching all of the same players from pre-reset. So it’s not a lack of population at all. These are all the same people I used to play NA East servers with.

The servers are just AWOL.


I’m been having the same issue for a while now. Getting put on distant servers every time. If the population is that low at prime time in East Coast U.S. then this game is actually dead.

I get better servers in MCC.


This whole night for me has been packet loss, unstable jitter and stuff like that. Bloodshots galore. Don’t see how this game is sustainable like this. Complete garbage.


Extremely strange that you aren’t getting NE Servers especially with how dense the population of the NE here in the United States.

I too agree that Server Selection should’ve been implemented in day 1 of Infinites release.


Hope you find your way back into the fold someday