Unacceptable level of service for a live subscription game

We are reaching a point where games try to be more and more realistic, which increases workload tremendously on people. I mean compare even a Marine NPC from Infinite with one from Halo 1.

You had way faster turnaround cycles back then. Where back then a designer maybe needed a month on a NPC Model, it’s 3-4 Months now, just because of all the insane details etc. Obviously tools have gotten better too, but complexity is growing exponentially whereas tools are not. That’s why work needs more and more time, and as everything needs longer, the teams aren’t as flexible anymore. Add to that that back in the day, many developers either started out in a garage or on other financial support and had a bigger degree of creative independence. Back then, Bungie was bought and they were tasked to create a launch game for the OG XBOX. In a ViDoc it was revealed that Halo at first didn’t even have a Singleplayer. It was MP only to showcase Xbox Live but they threw in the Singleplayer because they could. Imagine, it was just a afterthought. Where in todays time and age, the higher ups say what they want. Infinite MP has to be F2P, monetized, revenue etc.

The whole industry really needs a shakedown. People wouldn’t mind having more “indie-ish” titles that don’t try to recreate the matrix on our PCs but maybe look a bit dated, but are actually fun to play. But that wont happen as long as people buy every years COD, FIFA etc.

Just got into a game of BTB it was 2v1 … Amazing game

Anything coming doesn’t matter in the slightest. You complain to complain because you lack any knowledge of the world you feel entitled to. i explained that if i had to deep dive into why you were wrong then you are a lost cause. which you demonstrate in this reply.

you feel validated cause a couple people on a forum post share your diluted opinion even though you all are just a loud and obnoxious minority of the player and fan base.

Why are you even on these forums? all you are doing is complaining about weird things that have nothing to do with the actual game itself. You and like a handful of other people all are just parroting each other on several different posts. Weekly Challenges aren’t considered content by any one and they were never said to be content by anyone. You clearly don’t understand what goes into the process of making a game let alone a live service.

Yes. 100% yes and do you know what it’s already showing in the numbers. People are leaving in droves. I’d rather play a worse game that actually works. Fix the servers ffs

Compared to every other free-to-play game Halo INfinite’s launch has been masterful.

Game Informer wrote an article about this very topic stating Infinite compared to their competition has had one of the best launches ever.

The problem is you are coming into this world clearly for the first time. Welcome to always BETA games. Enjoy!

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compared to Vanguard and 2042, yes.