Unacceptable level of service for a live subscription game

Anyone else think the level of service so far has been staggering bad?

We’ve been given absolute the bare bones of a MP game and no update so far. No balance patches, no proper events. Just generic challenges randomly generated by an algorithm.

Where’s the attention from the devs? Where’s the love? The dedication?

Don’t give me the ‘it’s the holidays’ rubbish. This isn’t your mate Tom from Discord setting up a server quickly for a few games…this is:

343 studios
A brand new Halo that we’ve waited 6 years for
A live service game
Halo - One of the biggest, launches for the console so far

You can’t have it both ways. Is this a live service game or not?

Half the content is simply missing.
The other half doesn’t work properly.
Very few maps.
The menu/UI crashes or simply doesn’t load.
There’s barely any customisation.
I have to restart my game 5 times and spend 20 minutes to get a BTB match and even then it might only 2 players on each side.
Challenges not tracking or being impossible to complete.
Latency issues.
No input ilters.
No region select.
Unintuitive UI.
Still no patch.
Lack of transparency and communication.

It’s unacceptable. Any real business and this level of service would result in people being fired.

This is a freshly launched, AAA live service game that is half finished, and unstable as hell, yet the studio just neglects the game completely.

Simply unacceptable.

What does everyone else think?


I think you’re off your rocker.


Par for the course with a lot of live service games, but for those released in the latter half of this business trend do get more deserved ire for not taking the time to observe the competition in the market its stepping in

Theres also Jason Schrier’s report on Infinite’s dev cycle I advise looking at.

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Lmao they’re on vacation bud. Give me a break. They updated the game once already in December.


wouldn’t it have made more sense to delay the game to 2022 instead of dropping a product that doesn’t work as intended then going off on holidays?

we now have a huge generation of players who bought the game, played it for a few days and got bored, never to touch it again. this is going to have permanent affects on the game’s population, just as we saw with H5.


Just mentioned something similar in another thread…this kind of unfinished release is becoming accepted in the gaming industry, and it needs to stop as it’s simply not acceptable. The gaming industry as a whole needs to have standards enforced and be held accountable. There’s no other industry where a half finished product can be released/sold to its consumers, and it should not be acceptable or become the “norm” in the gaming industry. It’s an absolute joke that they are allowed to get away with such poor practice.


we pay for a service and it’s not up to standard. End of the story.
lets not forget, 343 is a business. would you accept a poor service at your car dealership?
the idea is not to throw a rock at the dev.
i think 5000 point would be reasonable.


A core game variant is broken and has been since at least December 8th.

“They’re on vacation…” idk about the rest of you, but in my job if something core is broken we don’t just “go on vacation” it gets fixed. Vacations get pushed.


The devs are at fault just as much as anyone else


Right??? Exactly.


Bold of you to assume it isn’t already the norm


If it was any other business, people would be fired and lawsuits filed. The gaming industry needs regulations put on them and the publishers. Too much of it is based of greed and laziness now.

Europe already has it with some degree with the lootbox system.


but that genuinely is the case.
Regardless of the size of the studio, people need to take breaks. Not gonna defend the state the game released in, but the slow response is reasonable due to the time of year. It’s a shame BTB had to break just then but it is what it is. Sometimes things are unlucky.


God forbid people, actual humans in fact, actually need time off to enjoy the holidays with their family because the complaints of disgruntled fans is apparently more important.

You are not entitled to anything. Sit tight and wait or stop playing the game.


que the “I did my waiting” meme from Harry Potter.

People don’t really have an issue with them taking a break. Though from my perspective, from being a Vet… we worked hard, and had 2 weeks off out of the year. We did, and done more, and been to places that would crush their souls. I have barely any sympathy for the “Oh I need a huge break, I am so exhausted crowd”. People deserve them sure. If something was bad, or went wrong we got called back.

The issue people have is no outsourcing of people to keep the game stable, or a skeleton crew… and blatantly procrastinate. This isn’t just with infinite, but with all their titles.


God forbid one of the 4 playlists originally released with this game, straight up doesn’t work. Nobody is yelling at them to return to fix every problem with this game. We want 1 playlist to function properly.


Nah, I understand what a winter break is and that fixes will come sooner than later.

So it’s ok for them to get a break but it’s perfectly acceptable that people who work the same hours just to PAY ( campaign and cosmetics) for a game that’s broken because " they need a break. "

I absolutely am entitled to expect a better game after I’ve traded MY TIME AND LABOR for THEIR SERVICE. 20 YEARS OF SUPPORT TO THIS FRANCHIE. Sit down and miss me with this stupid hot take.


I can understand some people going on break. Whats wierd is an entire company going on break.