Unacceptable Aim Assist Controller Vs PC

This is a pretty annoying problem for mouse and keyboard ones, because they aren’t even a rivals for controllers. This completely kills the Halo PC experience. Quite annoying that they playing too lazily and hit all their shots without even an effort, while the PC ones try hard without success, and there is not even a register of their shots (I speak mainly for Halo CE as well as the melee punch; which is a game that is pretty much forgotten by 343 Industries who do nothing about these issues).

Anyway, if 343 Industries really cares about the Halo PC experience, they should do something about it. Put aim assist on for PC, or remove aim assist for controllers, or separate the two platforms into different game rooms (PC vs. PC; Xbox vs. Xbox).


for some reason people still not wane understand good that you cant level the plain field between mous/keyboard vs controler since there are will always be a big diffrends between then in game’s.

that some people not wane understand it that each input all is it a controler or mouse/keyboard has there own strong and weak points.
and in FPS game’s is that for the mouse/keyboard the weak point and for the controler a strong point.
and in RPG game’s the keyboard and mouse has a strong point in there and for controlers is it a weak point.

remove aim assist for controlers is something that never is going to happing at all since controlers need aim assist.

and this has been suggest it all on other topic’s about it all.

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No need for two threads