Unable to Zoom weapons or scopes

So got the game yesterday and unable to zoom any weapon. Why get a sniper rifle when you cant use it. Tried with all weapons single player mode.

Hello Queveda,
A few questions for you:

  1. Which control setting are you using?
  2. Which controller are you using?

Thank you!

this happened to me as well.

I use fishstick on day one edition XB1 controller.

when aiming the ADS doesn’t initiate. There is no gun on screen, nothing but my pov. No spartan hands. When throwing a grenade no arm throw is detected but grenade is visible and seen in the air. only happens a few times in my total play time in warzone. Only happens when near Spire.

Standard Xbox one controller and standard setup. Gets even better. CO OP does not work on campaign.