Unable to unlock "Skull Combo" in SA on XB1

I’ve seen the other threads discussing achievements not unlocking in Halo: Spartan Assault but none of them mention the one I’m stuck on. I am unable to unlock “Skull Combo”, “Complete any campaign mission with the maximum number of Skulls active” on Xbox One.

I previously earned all of the achievements in the Windows 8 version. When I started playing on Xbox One I unlocked several achievements immediately, and have now earned most of the rest. No matter how many times I complete a single player campaign mission with two skulls activated it won’t unlock.

I’ve tried what was described in other threads - going offline, deleting my local save, starting the game and trying to complete the first mission with two skulls again. I know achievements won’t unlock while offline, so even after reconnecting and choosing not to sync and replaying the first or second mission with two skulls it still doesn’t unlock.

Do I have to delete my save from everywhere, both locally and the cloud? I’d rather not if I don’t have to. Any suggestions would be appreciated. And thank you for reading this, I really appreciate your time.

Hello XXXICenturyMatt.

Depending on the achievement, this issue will remedy itself in a matter of a few days to 6 months, in one case. Keep checking the achievements app on the Xbox One, and the achievement will likely unlock silently on its own. If the issue still persists in some time, I suggest contacting Xbox Support:

[/li]- Xbox Support on Twitter

I apologize that we cannot help you further.