Unable To Sync profile

All progress in multiplayer lost. Continues sync drops, unable to play. Problem was said to be fixed yet here I am. Any possible way of getting my Armor/weapons back would like to know.

I am having the same issue. my xbox updated to the new UI and then Halo 5 decides not to sync my profile. not sure if those two are related but thats what happened

EDIT: it actually started working again now. I logged in and quit the game like 10times til it finally worked

I am having the same problem as this is the second day its wont syc up or even load a game, 343 are now starting to tick me off as i am having but problems with this game.

Having the same issue. It’s probably associated with the new dashboard rollout since it worked fine before the update.

Update - My profile returned, I don’t know if it was because I played a match or not but things have returned to normal.