Unable to sync profile data

For some reason I can’t load my profile and I lost all my progress. Please help!

Restart your X1 and Halo 5. There is an update. Same thing happened to me.

I am facing this issue since 1 week now, just downloaded last update and the issue is still here.
My profile data cannot be sync, i think i am going to sell the game.

hard reset your xbox also make sure you have all xbox updates you should always reset your xbox after any updates just like a computer

After the hard reste the game works for like 5 matches then kicked me out and it lost the sync to my profile data.
Now i am level 1 and not able to take part of online gaming.
Hey 343, thanks for making me hate this brand!!!

I also have the same problem. I hope they fix it ASAP

Same problem reported here:

we need to ask someone to link all the threads and get some attention from 343.