Unable to start Dedicated Server

Time is now 9:20pm eastern and I cannot find a halo match.
I’m searching quick play and team arena, anyone else having issues?

Yup… cant connect to dedicated servers at all

Me neither

I’m having that issue as well

Hey all,

Looks like the Xbox Live team is aware and looking into things. Keep an eye on this page for further information:


Not trying to troll here but If you look at that page, it is stating that the issues are:

  • Buying downloadable items - Using prepaid cards or codes for downloadable items or Xbox Live subscriptionsThe rest of it is showing up as green. Core services and Xbox One games.

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> Hey all,
> This looks like an Xbox Live issue at the moment. Keep an eye on this page for further information:
> Xbox Support

I kept on getting booted off of Legendary in FF, but was able to get into Heroic. Heroic is so lame though, I could only take one game in before I lost heart. So underwhelming with the XP and credits, and steamrolling game play.

Ohhhh, that’s why I spent 40 minutes waiting for an infection match, just to be told they couldn’t find one.